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Swimming classes for the Stingrays has more emphasis on endurance, perfecting technique and mastering competitive starts and turns. Basically the swimming lessons cross over into swimming workouts. Many swimmers at the Stingray level also  become club members of Swimzone Racing at this stage and attend TimeZones and local swim meets to gain experience. At this level swimming should be fun and is in no way intending that there is that expectation that they are training for the Olympics.


  • Duration - 60 minutes

  • Recommended attendance 2-3 times weekly

  • Minimum attendance - once weekly

  • SwimZone Racing membership - Club Swimmer

  • Suitable for swimmers approximately 9-14 years of age


All members of this team are members or become members of Swimzone Racing and are starting to take swimming a little more seriously. 


There are also opportunities for swimmers to progress to more advanced competitive squads.


  • Duration - 60 minutes

  • Recommended attendance 2-4 times weekly

  • Minimum attendance - 2 times weekly

  • SwimZone Racing membership - Competitive Swimmer

  • Suitable for swimmers approximately 9-14 years of age

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