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Does SwimZone operate in sync with the school term?

Our lessons and bookings operate the same as the school term however we continue through the school holidays, therefore our lessons are year-round. During the holidays you can make up any missed lessons but please talk to the coach or bookings manager first.


Do I need to pay pool admission when coming to lessons?

Yes, pool admisson is still required seperately and it is not included in your fees. There is a special card at a discounted price for all Swimzone swimmers. Please ask for it at the office upon entry.

Do you provide make-ups, credits or refunds for missed lessons?

Credits or refunds are not given for missed lessons.

Based on our experience we find that make-up lessons disrupt established classes and can confuse children due to unfamiliar faces and surroundings. Children develop well through consistency in lessons. Not offering credits or refunds helps encourage parents to bring their kids to their lessons each week.

There may be special circumstances in which SwimZone will allow swimmers to do make-up lessons however this will be discussed between the bookings manager and the coach first.

We do not have lessons on public holidays and you will not be charged for these.

Obviously special circumstances may require credits or refunds (for long term sickness or injury) - please discuss with the bookings manager.


How many times per week should we attend?

New entrants should come once weekly but two is an advantage once they start moving up the groups. Mini squads swimmers should be swimming 2-3 times per week and swimming in the odd novice swim meets when they come up.


Is swimming more than once-a-week beneficial?

Yes! An extra session each week accelerates learning and progression. We encourage our swimmers to swim more than once-a-week. Contact the bookings manager if you wish to book in for an extra session.


What is a Free Assessment?

Every new swimmer will be assessed by one of our friendly supervisors to establish which class level best suits their abilities prior to their first lesson. These assessments take roughly 5-10 minutes and on completion our bookings team will work with you to find a class time that best suits your schedule.


What kind of swimwear is suitable at Swimzone? Where can I get these?

Swim jammers or trunks for boys and normal girls training suits. They should be reasonably tight. Please try to avoid clothing. Please invest in a comfortable and well-fitted pair of swimming goggles. Swimming with poor goggles is like driving a car with a blindfold. All swimmers with long hair should wear a cap.


John Ross (SwimZone co-owner) has a Swim Shop in Alicetown and can help you find the right swimwear for your child. Click on the MOS tab for more details or visit


What is the difference between developmental swimming and Learn-to-swim?

Learn-to-swim teaches and specializes in children who need to learn the skills to complete 25 to 50 meters with breathing. Developmental swimming works on building these skills, along with developing fitness, confidence and speed. Developmental swimming often prepares young swimmers for water polo, triathlons, swimming competitions and life skills in and around water.


WOW some of the squads are so large. At learn-to-swim there were only 3 in a class and now there are 15... Why is this?

Swimmers develop fitness and skills by keeping up with other team members. We are trying to develop fitness speed and skills so they are training and learning in a repetitious fashion with their team. As swimmers move up the groups, the coaches develop the fitness and technique as a team and not one at a time.


OMG some of these swimmers are so fast! What's that about? How does that happen?

Swimmers who get fast often happens because they start racing at novice swim meets. This accelerates their enthusium and they tend to improve more quickly. Many good swimmers at the school sports are great because they are already racing, not necessarily becuase they have got more talent than the other children.


My child seems to be showing no progress or even regression. Why is this?

There are many reasons why swimmers may seem to not progress and it is difficult to pin point that one particular problem. Normally swimmers will try hard to keep up with the level of the squad they're currently in. A common reason why swimmers halt in speed, enthusiasm and fitness is simply because they lose interest. Involvement in racing really catalyses improvement and interest because it promotes competitive juices and makes swimmers want to compete with those around them. If you feel your swimmer has halted, it is worth exploring racing. Check out our racing tab for more information.


How do you know if a swimmer is ready to move up groups?

There are many ways to evaluate a swimmer. Maybe they can do everything but are to slow to go to the next group. Maybe they are fast but have terrible technique or maybe they are not mentally ready to handle the work-load. These are all things that our coaches take into consideration when moving swimmers. When it comes down to making a decision all the boxes need to be ticked for all the skills and the swimmers should look like they are the best in the group.


How is Swimzone different to a learn-to-swim school?

Swimmers need to be able to swim before they come to us. Perferably your child has been swimming at Swim City or another swim school with 50 meters of good breathing. Swimmers who swim with their heads up or holding their breath for more than four strokes often indicates that they may have not yet acquired necessary skills from a learn-to-swim school.


What are the payment options and how do we pay?

Internet banking, cash and cheque are all accepted. Your booking will be e-mailed at the beginning of the swimming term that shows your account fee and our bank details. If you wish to pay in installments, please notify the bookings team.


Why is racing important?

Racing is the catalyst for the swimmer's improvement. Nothing wakes the learning level of the junior swimmer up more than racing. Swimming is s sport and like any other sport, a fun sport to be involved in. Swimming can be very boring and racing makes it interesting. Swimmers are programmed between 7 and 11 and after this it is actually hard for swimmers to become competitive with the swimmers who start competing at a younger age. SwimZone has junior swim meets that are designed to introduce your child into competition in a fun way. All swimmers from Alligators upwards are encouraged to be part of Swimzone Racing Club. John or Tyler would love to talk to anyone who is interested in this.

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